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Barton Mutual Insurance
Est. 1894

Until 1969, the company was a single-county farm fire insurer. The decision to change the company to a state-wide insurer offering a broader array of products was based on the changing face of rural Missouri. With the addition of Cape Mutual (1982) and Gateway Mutual (1986) to form the Barton Mutual Group, the trio of mutuals covered most of Missouri. In January 2012, the three companies were merged into one, operating under Barton Mutual Insurance Company. We continue to seek ways to deliver our service at the lowest possible cost. Barton Mutual writes Homeowner, Farmowner, Mobile Homeowner, Condominium, Rental and Seasonal, Vacant and Commercial properties. We are also a placement facility for hard-to-insure vacant properties and for stand-alone farm liability and outbuildings.

What does mutual mean to you?
The mutual concept, created by Benjamin Franklin, is a cost-effective way of buying insurance. It means your premium dollar buys only insurance. Nothing goes to investors.

Our sole mission is service through insurance. Your agent, located in your community, represents us because he finds value in our service.

Barton Mutual has no other function but to provide you with excellent service through your agent. As your agent attempts to find you the best product at the best price, we’re one of his trusted sources.

You buy insurance for peace of mind. We know you rest only if we have the financial strength to cover all of your needs. That’s why we constantly measure our strength. We too buy insurance against wide-spread catastrophe, selecting only the strongest tier of reinsurers worldwide.

If you are a policyholder or applicant for insurance through Barton Mutual, you are welcome to review our financial information and reinsurance arrangements. And we certainly want to hear from you if you know of better ways to perform. After all, as a policyholder, you own the company.