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More than an Insurance Company:

Our reputation for quality service is a primary reason people are attracted to our company
We are there when you need us, in a timely manner and with a smile
We are financially sound
Our customers remain satisfied
We offer discounts and always have affordable rates
What customers have to say:

"Everything was done professionally and friendly." 

 -- R & L McNeely 

"Everyone that I ever dealt with at this company is very helpful, friendly and goes the extra mile to try to help you." 

 -- D & G Marler 

"I wish all claims in the insurance industry were handled as efficiently as ours was. Thanks again!" 

 -- T & E Danner 

"Your adjuster is a person every insurance company should have." 

 -- H & P Jenkins 

"I couldn't have been treated any better. Thank you all for prompt payment." 

 -- A Phillips 

"Thank you for being an insurance company we can count on!!" 

 -- W & T Verweire 

"Thank you for being such a dependable insurance company. You have been very fair and very prompt when we've had a claim. We'd recommend you to anyone." 

 -- J & L Fender 

"Thank you so much for the prompt reply." 

 -- R Blunt 

"This was the best service ever received from any insurance we have dealt with; the adjuster was great!" 

 -- W & V Hayes 

"[Your adjuster] was very helpful, courteous and prompt in returning phone calls. Great service!" 

 -- Meet the Need Dev Corp 

"We were very pleased. [Your adjuster] is a very nice man. [He] was very explanatory and easy to understand. He worked and communicated in a timely manner." 

 -- J Fannan 

"Excellent service - I really enjoy my relationship with Barton. They are a classy company. I recommend them every chance I get." 

 -- A & R Katzman 

"I can not thank you enough! And [the adjuster] was very kind and helpful. I thank God I found you people for you have always been so good to me." 

 -- H Setser 

"My first ever claim - great service from time sent in and finalized [in] about 3-4 business days. Thanks." 

 -- N & K Talley 

"Thanks again for being prompt and courteous." 

 -- B Patterson 

"Very friendly adjuster. Courteous and helpful and efficient." 

 -- W & J Williams 

"Thank you very much for the great assistance and service." 

 -- M Pereira 

"My wife and myself were satisfied with [your adjuster]. He handled our claim promptly and was courteous. Thank you." 

 -- A & T Lankford 

"We were pleased with the prompt and courteous response to our claim. Thanks and have a great one." 

 -- J & E Anglin 

"Thoughtful and personal service from your adjuster. Much appreciated in this busy world!" 

 -- J Powell 

"It is wonderful to work with a company like yours. I could not have begun to replace the things that were stolen without you!" 

 -- B Lewis 

"[Your adjuster] did a wonderful job; he worked with us and was there the same day we called." 

 -- F & M Urbas 

"Very, very happy and impressed with service!" 

 -- M Jiles 

"[Barton] has always been a great company to deal with." 

 -- J & E Scurlock 

"[Your adjuster] was very forthright and professional." 

 -- R Forsythe 

"I am happy and blessed with how this claim was handled. I also have been impressed with the logo on saying on each letter 'In God We Trust'. Thank you." 

 -- W Puckett 

"[Your adjuster] was very courteous and answered all my questions. I was very pleased." 

 -- B Reed 

"We have already told [our] friend our good your service is." 

 -- B & D Downing 

"Thanks for coming to the rescue." 

 -- C & M Hickman 

"We appreciate the prompt service and would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!" 

 -- L & T Olsen 

"Have never filed a claim, I did not know what to expect. It was handled very professionally." 

 -- A Watt 

"I was very impressed with [your adjuster]. He was courteous and was a very big help during this ordeal. I couldn't have asked for anything better." 

 -- F & C King 

"We are satisfied with the settlement. Also, we have a grandson who is looking for insurance on his first house. We will recommend your company to him. Thanks." 

 -- W & J Johnson